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Continuing Student Enrolment Information including Leave Eligibility and Advice for Completing Students 

Continuing Student Enrolment Information

Trimester 2, 2024 Enrolment Dates:

Opens: 10am AEST* on Tuesday 14 May 2024

Closes: 5pm AEST* on Friday 14 June 2024

*Australian Eastern Standard Time

Upon the opening of enrolment continuing students may enrol online via your Student Portal. For information on how to access your Student Portal please watch the How to enrol tutorial video which can be found on the Student Support Videos page.

How to enrol tutorial video

View the how to enrol tutorial video and process your enrolment. 


How to enrol tutorial video

Student Portal Login Details



Your Student Id Number (the nine digit number stated in the top right hand corner of your Offer Letter)


As you have reset

Key Dates for
Trimester 2, 2024

14 May 2024

7 June 2024

7 June 2024

7 June 2024

10 June 2024

14 June 2024

14 June 2024

14 June 2024

28 June 2024 

28 June 2024

19 July 2024

30 August 2024

Continuing student enrolment opens

Trimester 1, 2024 results to be released by

Enrolment Editing closes at 5pm

Leave of Absence apps close at 5pm

Trimester commencement date

Increased Study Load apps close at 5pm

Enrolment and Enrolment Variation apps close at 5pm 

Fees due: first instalment of 50%, or full payment 

Reduced Study Load apps close at 5pm

Census date

Fees due: second instalment of 50% 

End of Trimester 2, 2024

Enrolment opening and closing dates, enrolment application closing dates, class commencement, fee due dates, the census date and the end of Trimester date are also available via the Student Hub Home page.

Return to ESOS Compliance

With travel restrictions lifted and overseas students able to travel to Australia for study, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) have announced that education providers were to return to full compliance with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Framework from 30 June 2023 onwards. This means that classes will continue to be delivered face-to-face on campus with a small number of online classes. Students must enrol into at least one on campus class each study period to ensure adherence with student visa requirements. Students must not study more than one third of the units in their entire course online.

Work restrictions for students studying on a student visa overseas students were reinstated on 1 July 2023. Student visa holders can work no more than 48 hours a fortnight while studying. Student visa holders have no work restrictions when their course of study or training is not in session. For further information click here to view the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Work Restrictions for student visa holders webpage.

Online Timetables

APIC’s Undergraduate and Postgraduate timetables can be accessed via the Student Hub Timetables page.

Outstanding Fees

Students who have an outstanding fee balance from their previous study period will not be permitted to re-enrol or view results if full payment has not been made, Student Portal accounts will be/have been sanctioned. Students who have not enrolled by the enrolment closing date risk of cancellation of their enrolment. Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for payments to be processed by the relevant banks and the sanction removed.

Editing your enrolment

Students will be able to change their subjects and timetable until 5:00pm AEDT on Friday 7 June 2024 (the Friday before classes commence). Editing your enrolment information can be located via the Student Hub Online Enrolment page

Reduced or Increased Study Load Applications for Trimester 2, 2024

The Student Portal requires students to enrol in a full-time load, students may then apply to reduce or increase their study loads via lodging an online application for a Reduced Study Load and Overload. The online application form will be accessible via the Student Hub Forms library/page once results for the previous study period have been released.


Applications to Increase your study load close:

5pm AEST on Friday 14 June 2024.


Applications to Reduce your study load close:

5pm AEST on Friday 28 June 2024.

Timetable Clashes

If you can’t process your enrolment due to a timetable clash or need to enrol in a unit that is not available, please contact Student Services via email or telephone in the first instance or lodge an enquiry with Student Services.

Trimester 1, 2024 Completing Students

Results for Trimester 1, 2024 will be released by 7 June 2024. Student Services will begin creating completion documents after this date. Completion documentation will be prioritised in order of visa expiry dates. Completion documentation cannot be issued to graduands who have outstanding fees, library items on loan or have not applied for or recorded their Unique Student Identifier in their Student Portal.


Completing students do not need to lodge requests for completion documents. If your visa will expire before 7 June 2024, please notify Student Services as soon as possible by lodging an enquiry. 

Trimester Break Eligibility Trimester 2, 2024

Refer to your initial Trimester Break Eligibility which provides information about your eligibility to take a Trimester break for the next study period. Attached to the email is a holiday letter for the break between study periods.

Following the release of results final confirmation of eligibility emails will be sent to students. Students who are eligible to take a break need to confirm their decision. Please note that any outstanding fees must be paid in full before Trimester Break leave is officially approved.

Leave of Absence for Compassionate or Compelling Circumstances

Students may still apply for leave based on compassionate or compelling circumstances. Please refer to the Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances Guidelines If these circumstances apply to you, please submit a Leave of Absence application which is available via the Student Hub Forms library/page.  Applications for Leave of Absence must be submitted by 5pm AEST on Friday 7 June 2024 to ensure processing time in advance of the close of enrolment. 

The Student Services team wishes you all the very best with your

results for Trimester 1, 2024. Have a fun and relaxing break!

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