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New to APIC? - Pre Enrolment and Initial Orientation Information

Welcome to Asia Pacific International College

Welcome to Asia Pacific International College (APIC)!


APIC is excited to welcome you to our college and we look forward to seeing you grow and develop throughout your study. Together we can ensure that you have an enjoyable and successful experience at APIC.


APIC wishes you all the best and a heartfelt Good Luck as you commence your journey.

How to contact your Student Services Team

Student Services contact information is available by selecting Student Services from the Student Support menu of APIC's Student Hub. Contact details are also included within email communications.  

Pre-departure, Accommodation, Arrival in Australia and Visa Compliance

Click on the below buttons to view information related to Pre-departure, Accommodation, Arrival in Australia, and Visa Compliance.

Orientation for New Students - Save the dates!

O-Week: Monday 3 - Friday 7 June 2024 

APIC’s Orientation Week is the week before classes commence. Orientation is an opportunity for you to learn about your requirements as a student, the support services APIC provides, and to connect with your academic team and classmates. Orientation provides all the information you need to prepare to commence your APIC course.  

Award of Credit / Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have completed previous studies, or have relevant professional work experience you may be eligible for credit towards your course. Applications for Credit and required supporting evidence must be lodged through the online application form no less than ten (10) working days before the census date of a student’s first study period at APIC. This is to allow time for the application to be assessed and any enrolment variations to be completed before the census date. For more information refer to APIC's Award of Credit Policy.


Please Note: Students who have been awarded credit must accept the credit via their Letter of Offer. If a student has already accepted one offer, they will be issued a new offer which includes any relevant credit/RPL.


Students who have received Conditional RPL’s must submit official transcripts relating to the unit/s no later than 3 working days before census date of the students first study period for this credit to be applied as well as confirming acceptance of the credit outcome.

My Online Accounts

Students are provided with three (3) online accounts; the Student Portal; Office365 and APIC’s Online Learning System (OLS) Canvas. The My Online Accounts Student Hub page provides an introduction to each of your Accounts and Login Information. 

Accounts for new students who were issued their CoE before 24 April 2024 have access to all three accounts. Requests for students issued their CoE after 24 April 2024 onwards will be frequently requested.  


Student Portal

Access your timetable, results, trimester invoices.



Access your course material, quizzes and online exams


Office 365

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive

Key Dates
Trimester 2, 2024


New student enrolment for the coming study period will open the in coming days and students will be advised via email. 


Students are required to process their enrolment into each study period via their Student Portal before the close of enrolment. 

With international borders re-opened and overseas students once again able to travel to Australia for study APIC has returned to compliance with the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (National Code). This means that classes are delivered on campus.

Upon the opening of enrolment students will receive an email providing further enrolment guidance.

Conditional Offer Documents

Refer to your COE and/or Offer Letter and Written Agreement for any enrolment conditions. If you need to provide conditional documents, you will receive an email that will provide a link to upload your documentation to.


Conditional offer documents are due at the end of Week 1 of the study period and must be submitted by 5:00pm (AEDT/AEST)

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Students studying in Australia need to have a Unique Student Identifier number or USI. From 1 January 2023, all higher education students, including international students studying in Australia, must have a USI to graduate and receive their award.  


Your USI is your individual Australian education identification number for life. You need a USI if you are:

  • an International student who is onshore in Australia and has a valid visa

  • a new or continuing domestic student

  • a student who has completed their studies and will graduate from 2023    

The process of applying is simple, the online tutorial video which is available here overviews the process. For further information about USI's please click here. Please apply for your USI using the link below.

Tip for students who have a single name: when you apply for your USI, insert a dash (-) in the first name field and enter your name in the last name field.

Once you have received your USI, you need to record the number in your Student Portal.

Please note that if you are offshore you won't be able to apply for your USI until you arrive in Australia. 

Offshore International Students Awaiting their Visa Decision

If you are an overseas student who is offshore awaiting your visa decision, please note that if you don't receive your visa decision and are not able to travel to Australia before your course commencement date you will need to lodge an application to defer your studies to APIC's next intake/study period.

If you find yourself in this situation your Education Agent/Consultant will be able to provide assistance with lodging a deferral application on your behalf should that be your preference. If you decide to lodge a deferral application yourself, please ensure that you keep your Education Agent/Consultant updated. APIC's online deferral application can be accessed via the Forms page of APIC's Student Hub.  

APIC wishes students who are awaiting their visa decision all the best. 

Academic Integrity Module (AIM)

The Academic Integrity Module (AIM) provides students with information about their academic integrity responsibilities, the importance of proper acknowledgement and referencing, and how to avoid plagiarism and other types of academic misconduct. To successfully complete the module, students must complete the AIM quiz and achieve a score of 100%. Students may repeat the AIM and quiz as many times as needed until successfully completed.


All commencing students will be introduced to the AIM during Orientation. The AIM will be accessible from the Dashboard of your Canvas account (APIC’s Online Learning System).

Classes Commence
from 10 June 2024





Classes start the Week Beginning Monday 10 June 2024.


Brisbane Students:

Classes commence from Monday 10 June 2024 as per your units of enrolment. 



Sydney and Melbourne Students:

As Monday 10 June 2024 is a Public Holiday and Sydney and Melbourne Campuses will be closed, classes will commence from Tuesday 11 June 2024. 

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