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Wellbeing and Support Services

APIC's Health, Safety and Wellbeing Handbook

APIC is committed to providing a safe working environment to protect the health and well-being of students. This obligation extends to its staff, students, contractors, and visitors to ensure: Health and safety within the workplace; and that all stakeholders avoid adversely affecting the health and safety of others.

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Converge International APIC's Counselling Service

APIC students can access counselling through Converge International. Converge International provides a free, professional and confidential counselling support in all areas of study, work and life. Converge International's counsellors understand that people face many challenges in their lives and that sometimes, these require specialised support.

Services Provided

When you access the Youth and Student Helpline, you will speak with a qualified, experienced counsellor across a range of issues including:

  • Study, work and personal stress

  • Homesickness and transition to life in Australia

  • Personal and workplace relationships

  • Emotional difficulties

  • Communication and relationship tension, conflict and breakdown

  • Sexual harassment and sexual assault

  • Grief and loss

  • Sleep and fatigue

  • Gambling, drug, alcohol and other addictions

  • Anger and violence


Converge Counsellors help:

  • You understand your personal strengths and assist in making good decisions

  • Support you in developing strategies to drive positive changes in behaviour and lifestyle

  • You adapt to change and seize opportunities Provide coping strategies when dealing with difficult situations


Student Assistance Program

Your Student Assistance Program is:

  • A confidential service

  • Available to all Students

  • Available for up to 4 sessions per issue

  • Details of your discussion will not be shared with your education provider. You can read our Privacy Policy on our website.

Remember that our mental health is as important as our physical health, please seek help when needed.

Take good care, keep safe and stay well.

Book an appointment to meet with a Converge International Counsellor

To arrange for an appointment to see a Converge International Counsellor


Tel: 1300 687 399, Visit:

Tell Converge that you're a student of the Education Centre of Australia studying at Asia Pacific International College (APIC).

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