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Examination Information

Units with Exams 

Some units currently have examinations at the end of each study period. APIC is actively working on reviewing our assessment matrix over the next 6 months. The goal is to create an assessment system that aligns with the diverse needs and preferences of our students as well as addressing the challenges of academic integrity matters.

If you have an exam, we know they aren't fun. Exams can be overwhelming, but don't worry, we understand and have a range of support available. Be prepared, plan ahead, and take advantage of the range of support APIC provides.

To check if you will have an exam refer to the Unit of Study guides for your enrolled units. You can also click on the below button to view the listing of Bachelor of Business (BBUS), Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) and Master of Information Technology (MIT) units with exams for Trimester 1, 2024. 

Exam Support

APIC's exam support includes:

  • Revision/exam preparation/practice sessions during study week.

  • Student Learning Support exam preparation workshops.

  • Individual consultation with a Student Learning Support Advisor.

  • Converge International can assist with strategies to manage exam stress.

Tips for Exams

Remember exams are designed to measure your knowledge and learnings for the unit - there will be no trick questions. So, if you attend all of your lectures and tutorials, actively engage in the unit, undertake the recommended readings and undertake revision in advance of your exam (not the night before), you can confidently enter the exam room.

Tips for students who have an exam/s

  • Attend all lectures and tutorials

  • Read and learn from assessment feedback provided during the study period

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, or seek clarification 

  • Undertake all recommended readings

  • Have a study plan to assist you to manage assessment requirements for your units. Including scheduling time for revision in the lead up to your exam/s (not the night before!) 

  • Attend Student Learning Support's Exam preparation sessions/workshops

  • Arrange for an individual consultation with a Student Learning Advisor.

  • Attend revision and/exam preparation/ practice classes during study week

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